About Us

Over the past 10 years, digital assets have presented to us a paradigm shift in technology. In traditional banking and finance, there is a lack of transparency and an over reliance on trust. Those who were old enough to witness the 2008 financial crisis understand this all too well. Companies like AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Sterns were overextended, and risking our money for their own benefits, only to be bailed out at the expense of the taxpayer. This breach of trust from the banks and insurance companies ultimately resulted in trillions of dollars of private savings and investment losses, while catapulting the U.S. government into unprecedented debt levels. Even more recently, data breaches like Equifax and the extreme cases of mismanagement like we saw at Wells Fargo have shown, even though banks have pledged to clean up their mess since 2008, not much has been achieved. Here, we posit a solution. This is not an end all be all, and we certainly are not able to achieve scale yet, although the promise of crypto asset technology combined with the powers of a distributed ledger, could remove the necessity of trust in banking and finance relationships, and ensure the transparency that we all deserve.

Our Take

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency assets are a revolutionary advancement in technology that will reinvent the financial sector, and change the way value, data and information are stored and shared across the globe. In order to capitalize on this paradigm shift in technology, we have shaped our portfolio to match the sectors that we believe are ripe for disruption: banking and finance, data storage, information sharing and privacy. By deploying an evenly distributed portfolio across these various sectors, we have the agility to capitalize on the forefront of this new investing arena. Crypto asset markets are a highly volatile investment class that carry immense risk. In order to mitigate some of the risk associated with crypto investing, we have deployed a proprietary trading strategy that includes a risk adjusted balance of various crypto investments including short term, medium term and long term investment horizons as well as exposure to premier ICO investment and presale opportunities. Our current team of four enthusiastic traders have been involved in the cryptocurrency space since early 2014, allowing us to have a thorough understanding of the natural ebbs and flows of this asset class. 

Investment Thesis

In such a volatile and fast-paced market, it is imperative to actively monitor our investments in order to achieve consistent gains. Investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets does not come without risk, and, in fact, we view it as a binary situation. The current price levels will not be the same in the future. It will either be as revolutionary as investing in the internet in the 90’s, or a better, more sophisticated technology could supplant it. This is something to highly contemplate before entering this space. If you are a stern believer that fiat currencies, and current equity and banking markets are not ready for disruption, then this space is not for you. On the other hand, if you overlooked the potential of the internet in the early 2000’s then this investment class may provide you some of those same opportunities that may no longer be available in tech growth companies. We do not believe in a utopian vision of a distributed world where bitcoin is the main currency and everything runs on the blockchain. Although we see a future with a more transparent world, were our current institutions are not displaced by these technologies, they simply work in conjunction with them, to improve their efficiency and lower costs of doing business, ultimately making our economy a more decentralized, transparent, and reliable place to do business